Holy Week

Holy Week is ordered to the commemoration of Christ’s Passion, beginning with his Messianic entrance into Jerusalem, following the events leading up to his Passion and death, and concluding, triumphantly in the mystery and majesty that is the Easter Vigil.

Please take time to join us for prayer and services that will mark these sacred days:

Palm Sunday

Sat. April 13  5PM Mass

Sun. April 14 9AM & 11AM Mass

Monday, April 15

No Mass

(Everyone is invited to the Cathedral to celebrate the Chrism Mass)

Tuesday, April 16

8AM Mass for Tuesday of Holy Week followed by

12 Hours of Mercy: All Day Confessions 9AM – 9PM

Wednesday, April 17

7:30AM Rosary

8AM Mass for Wednesday of Holy Week

The Sacred Paschal Triduum

The Sacred Paschal (Easter) Triduum is a three-day celebration when we remember Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection–not just as incidents from the past, but as events that have meaning and relevance for us in the present. The Triduum is a single celebration that takes place over three days–the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion, and the Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord at the Easter Vigil–and is the high point of the Church year. We enter the mystery of Christ as participants in the liturgies’ rich signs, symbols, stories, songs, and prayers. You’ll find information about our Triduum celebration below.

Holy Thursday, April 18th

8PM Mass of the Lord’s Supper

What is it? A time when we remember the Last Supper, when Jesus and his apostles
gathered to celebrate Passover.

What will I experience at church? Washing of the feet, Eucharistic Procession to the Altar of Repose after Mass.

Good Friday, April 19th

10AM Service of the Lord’s Passion

3PM Service of the Lord’s Passion

What is it? A solemn celebration of Christ’s Passion and Death 

What will I experience at church? Veneration of the cross (we come forward to show our reverence and respect Christ’s Passion by kissing the cross, kneeling before the cross, or just touching it in some way); a communion service instead of a Mass. 

Holy Saturday, April 20th

8PM Easter Vigil – Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord

What is it? The biggest celebration in the Church year, when we remember God’s actions from Creation to the Resurrection of Jesus to the present.

What will I experience at church? The lighting of the Easter fire, candlelight, readings that tell the story of our salvation history, and reception into the Church of new Catholics.

9AM Easter Mass

11AM Easter Mass